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Paul Whitrod has been trained in Thai massage, Thai healing Therapies, Thai Foot Massage and Thai Chetawan Ayurvete Massage since 1999 at the famous Wat Po temple and institute. He also has been training the martial arts for over 35 years and it is appropriate that with these martial Arts one had to study the relevant skills for injury treatment and massage techniques that are unique for 1st class healing and massaging.
Back in 1980 he made his first trip to Hong Kong and during his time there and going back and forth over nearly three decades he qualified in Hong Kong in Dit dar medicine (fall & hit) from Grandmaster Yip Shui, of the Chow Gar Tong Long Dit Dar Association. With this dit dar healing, the ancient recipes going back many centuries were given to him. more recently over the last 10 year he has extensively travelled to Southern India & Thailand, There studying the ancient art of Southern and Erakan Kalari called Adi Thada and as like the Chinese martial arts it is vital that you study the massage therapies called marma Chiliksalyam and Chowteetirimul (foot massage) and kaitirimul (hand massage).Along with family recipes from a long line of tradition were given to Paul. In Thailand Paul furthered his skills with Thai Massage/Foot Massage/ Thai treatment therapy and Ayurvedic massage
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